Elizabeth Jukes has always enjoyed reading. Often, as a child, she would hold up a book to the slice of light from the front porch lamp that the not quite closed bedroom curtain allowed in. All this, of course, when she was supposed to be asleep.

Love of reading translated to love of writing. A Journalism Diploma followed, as well as a Bachelor of Theology, and then, with life’s twists, many years of no writing except for journaling. But a few years ago, the Dorothea Montgomery character and Dorothea’s town of Willowsdown appeared in her mind and the desire to flesh that all out in “Pin It on a Dead Man” was irresistible. She hopes this book and ones to come will tempt people to read beyond their bedtimes. 

Elizabeth and her husband, Jon, live in New Hamburg, Ontario (a town not unlike Willowsdown) and their grown sons live close by.